We produce our products according to the wishes and needs of our customers. Both large-scale orders and small special orders are welcome.

Bed slats

Our bed slats are made from softwood. We produce both standard-size slats as well as custom sizes requested by the customers. We can readily accommodate large-scale custom orders quickly and in high quality.

The cross-sections we use the most are: 14,5x65, 17×70, 17×90, 20x90

Bed frames

We use various plate materials and wood to make bed frames.

The cross-sections we use the most are: 40×80, 40×96, 30×120, 30×96, 40×120

We also make bed frames according to the customers’ specifications.


We use plate materials, wood, plywood and HDF to make headboards. The production is based on the drawings the customers provide, but we are always ready to help you out both with the drawing and the selection of materials as well.

Furniture elements

We have modern equipment and various wood and plate materials at our disposal to produce furniture elements.

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We are always open to offers and will help you find the solutions you need.